SHIPPING TO CANARY ISLANDS, new wooden packaging regulations as of 11/10/2019

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ear customers and collaborators,

Remind you in relation to the new phytosanitary regulations for the entry of wooden packaging in the Canary Islands, the entry into force of the same from next October 11, 2019 once the moratorium applied at the beginning of the same, published in BOE on Tuesday, April 16. (Link: )

As you will remember, this regulation establishes the obligation that all wood packaging used for transport from and to the Canary Islands must comply with the NIMF-15 regulations. This is a regulation for wood packaging and containers that must be phytosanitary treated to avoid the introduction of external organisms that may affect the native forest mass of the Islands.


In summary, the new regulations affect the pallets with which the goods are sent to the Canary Islands, as well as all those wooden packages, boxes, cages, platforms etc. In all cases they must be made with treated wood, Treatment Phytosanitary ISPM-15. Currently, a large majority of the pallets that are used already carry this built-in treatment, identifying themselves with the pin seal engraved on the pallets. As a photo shows:


Inform them that the expeditions that are sent to the Canary Islands once this new regulation enters into force must comply with these requirements since otherwise, we will not be able to load them in our groupage containers. The Sanitary Inspection of arrival in the Canary Islands in case it detects any incorrect packaging in any cargo inspection, it can paralyze the entire container with the goods that it carries until it is processed, in addition to the corresponding subsequent sanction for the breach of the regulations.

Your usual suppliers of pallets and packaging or storage operators, will be able to detail these regulations more technically and if you need any additional information in this regard do not hesitate to tell us.