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Teamwork, effort, commitment, camaraderie and desire to excel are characteristics of sport and with which we feel identified at NOLIVEA. For this reason, through our Corporate Responsibility strategy, we are committed to the practice of sports, supporting with our sponsorship clubs that promote these values and encourage the practice of sport.

From our humility we continue to support a master cycling team, this year with the GR BIKES CYCLING TEAM, a team that competes in the Catalan cup https://www. , in tests of the Spanish cup and in European and world championships, a team with several victories in the Catalan and Spanish cup, as well as a world runner-up in the past 2021 world championship that will try to win in Trento this 2022, in the company of several of his teammates and components of this club will defend Spain in the road, time trial and gravel discipline tests.

In addition, due to climate change, we are proud that they represent us and carry our logo, by using the bicycle they reduce the emission of CO₂ into the atmosphere to almost zero and therefore it is a sport that among the main benefits for human health and the environment are that it does not pollute, does not emit greenhouse gases, only consumes human energy, little space and does not generate noise. All this improves the quality of life and the environment, a very simple and effective way to help our planet.

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